Re: American Airlines L1011 ???

Date:         03 Dec 99 02:10:04 
From: (Afwtul1)
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>In the early 90's, American operated two (leased or borrowed) L1011's
>for only a few summer months.  I saw these aircraft at DFW when I lived
>in Dallas, and failed to take any pictures of them.  The tails were
>painted light gray, but without the "AA".  Does anyone know the story
>behind these odd step-children in American's fleet?  Why did they
>arrive?  Can anyone produce a photo?
  Just tracked this original post down, anyway I'm a aircraft mechanic for AA,
and rest assured we had no L1011's leased, barrowed, or stolen.
 Now as reference to your gray tails, at that time as in now, the only silver
tails we have are the DC-10's and 727's all others are gray.
  Now could you possibly have seen and the time frame is right, one of the
"white top" DC-10's we had leased. I believe they were ex-Delta/ex-Western, but
not sure of that.
  I did find a pic of it, its white with the AA on the tail but when you had
seen it, the stickers may have been taken off already (or not yet put on).
  If you like I can send you the pic.

New to this group so please excuse the double posting.