Re: A330 vs. B767

Date:         03 Dec 99 02:10:00 
From:         "Nico seine" <>
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It all depends as you said on engine preferences. Many airlines are now
changing to A330 on the Atlantic runs as the capicity for cargo is
higher then on the B767. A LH ordering a B767-400 would be unusual as
they already have the A340 which has a very high level of communality
with the A330, so maintenance and pilot training will be very cheap. But
who knows, it all depends how desperate Boeing is in selling some more
767-400's, and may be the 767-400 is cheaper on the shorter flights then
A330 ?. Air France has B767 and B777, but recently selected A330 as it
has the commality with the A340, which is bigger then between 767-400
and 777.

BA going for A330 would reduce their pilot training costs by a factor of
80% if the pilots would come from the A320 fleet, so that would be one

my 0.2 cents info,