Re: A330 vs. B767

Date:         03 Dec 99 02:09:58 
From:         Ernie Fidgeon <>
Organization: @Home Network Canada
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Ian wrote:
> I really wonder know if anybody know which aircraft will most likely be pick
> as the replacement of
> BA's B767-300ER or LH's aging A300.
> According to the German magazine Flug Revue,LH seem a likely buyer of
> B767-400ER...but they haven't bought Boeing's new planes for a while...
> And will BA choose Airbus???They are so nationalism these days on enging
> picking..and RR seem
> very suitable to A330-200.But in other hand,BA is still the most loyalty
> supporter of B777,and many desigh ideas of 767NG are from B777.
> Thanks for your answering.

Having recently flown on Air Canada's brand new A330 with RR engines I
can only say it was a dream flight.  The economy seats were very
comfortable, and in cruise the engine noise was no louder than idle on
the ground (in fact I thought we had some kind of problem when they
throttled back to cruise after the climb).  Also, the air conditioning
was very quiet.  I could carry on a normal conversation with no problem.
Ambient noise was probalby in the 70-75 dB range (sat in row 35 window