Re: A330 vs. B767

Date:         03 Dec 99 02:09:57 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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At 11:56 PM 11/21/99 +0000, you wrote:
>I really wonder know if anybody know which aircraft will most likely be pick
>as the replacement of
>BA's B767-300ER or LH's aging A300.
>According to the German magazine Flug Revue,LH seem a likely buyer of
>B767-400ER...but they haven't bought Boeing's new planes for a while...
>And will BA choose Airbus???They are so nationalism these days on enging
>picking..and RR seem
>very suitable to A330-200.But in other hand,BA is still the most loyalty
>supporter of B777,and many desigh ideas of 767NG are from B777.
>Thanks for your answering.

BA seems to be focused on down sizing, and at the moment, the 767-300ER's
aren't flying the long haul mission they were purchased for. They have in
fact become almost exclusively a short haul aircraft.

Under normal circumstances, I think BA would sell them and take them out of
the fleet, however RR powered 767's are kind of rarity, so the resale value
is likely to low unless you can sell them to an RR powered 747-400 operator
who is already looking after a fleet of RB211-525G/H's, even then,
enthusiasm is likely to be low. The engines don't make fuel guarantees, and
hot section life has become a very real problem. I haven't seen anyone opt
for the G/H-T upgrade for the 767 either, on the other hand, BA operates
almost all of the RR powered 767's in the world anyway!

BA needs the A330-200 like they need another hole in their head. It flies a
very similar mission to the 777-200, and BA has already made a large
commitment to the 777, so it is a move that carries large training and
spares costs for an aircraft whose mission and capability is not a lot
different than 777.

It is another aircraft marginally larger than the 767-300, but with very
long range, and the 767's today don't fly long hauls. An A330-300 would be
more useful to them, but they don't need the additional capacity that the
A330 brings either, in fact they are trying to shed capacity.

A300 B2/B4 replacement has become a sore subject as well. There really
isn't one. The A300 was well designed for service within Europe, and to be
honest, it really isn't good for much else. As the borders have come down,
and ATC delays have climbed, the usefulness of a wide body short haul
aircraft in Europe becomes increasingly suspect.  The train gets more
attractive by the day!

 The A300-600 is a more capable aircraft, and the A330 is a reasonable
replacement, as LH often uses them on reasonably long haul services (Middle
East, Indian Sub Continent).

My opinions anyway.
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