Re: Hot Wheels

Date:         21 Nov 99 23:56:46 
From: (JWizardC)
Organization: AOL
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The brakes on any large aircraft can and do absorb incredible amounts of
energy. Meanwhile, aircraft tires are filled with nitrogen instead of
air. This prevents tires expanding with the heat, as well as being
incapable of supporting fire.

If the crew believes that the tires are hotter than they like (almost no
planes have any way to measure tire/brake/wheel temperature), they will
generally leave the landing gear extended for a short while after
takeoff. Although that increases the drag significantly, as well as
limiting the airspeed they can fly, it dramaticly decreases the time
required for the wheels and tires to cool.

Incidently - the wheels are equipped with 'fuze plugs' that melt when
the wheels get hot enough to present a possible hazard.