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Date:         21 Nov 99 23:56:42 
From:         Jeff <>
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If you have a long taxi-out, then a great way to control brake
temperature is with a slow taxi speed. A common practice at my aairline
is "If delaying gear retraction to cool brakes, one minute of airborne
cooling equates to approximately 10 minutes of ground cooling."
In the Operation Manual of each airliner is a "Brake Cooling Procedure
after Aborted Takeoff". It has a chart that you follow starting with
your Gross Weight (take-off weight), then the indicated airspeed that
you started the abort, the pressure altitude, and the outside air
temperature. I'll give you an example for a 767-300ER:
Your Gross Weight=320,000 and you abort the t/o at 120 knots. The
Pressure altitude is 3,000ft. It's 80F outside. The brake cooling time
would be 48 minutes before you can attempt another take-off. Usually,
while your waiting, you do not set the parking brake. If the waiting
time is more than 60 minutes, Maintenance (a mechanic) is required to
check it out.