Re: Hot Wheels

Date:         21 Nov 99 23:56:40 
Organization: Verio
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Robert Wright <> typed:
>    I'm not sure, but I did once talk to a captain who said that on very
>heavy takeoffs, particularly out of places like Honolulu which involved some
>long taxiing, he would leave the gear down longer than normal after takeoff.
>This allowed the airflow more time to cool the brakes and also allowed the
>airplane to build up more speed before gear retraction.  (The first thing
>that happens is that the main gears doors OPEN, to allow the gear back in,
>increasing drag.)  I don't know if this is standard procedure, or just one
>captain's style.

Back in the mid-70's, I saw a TWA L-1011 takeoff from LAS 19L.  He must
have been a mile from the airport before he raised the gear.  I wondered
why he did that -- perhaps hot wheels.

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