Re: Last Convair 990 Flight?

Date:         21 Nov 99 23:56:32 
From:         "Brian Maddison" <>
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Karl Swartz wrote in message ...
>msn 29 (N713NA,N710NA,N810NA)
>   NASA bought this 990 in 1975 for a mere $250k, including a spare
>   engine.  It served various roles between stints in storage before
>   being equipped, in 1991, with a space shuttle main landing gear for
>   test purposes.  In 1995, after the tests were completed, it was
>   parked at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Facility at Edwards AFB,
>   where it remains.
Actually it's at Mojave. Was presented to the airport by NASA, although why
MHV would want *another* CV jet I don't know. If this is the one they intend
to use, seems a bit churlish to treat a gift that way to say the least.