Re: CV-990 Aft Fan

Date:         21 Nov 99 23:56:31 
From: (Ron Parsons)
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In article <airliners.1999.1122@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Robert Wright"
<> wrote:

>   I think the aft-fan arrangement would have given rise to considerable
>interference drag due to its proximity with the lower surface of the wing.
>Also, the airflow coming along the outer surface of the core would be
>somewhat "dirtier" than if it hit the fan directly after sitting around at
>35,000 feet, minding its own business, blissfully unaware of the monstrous
>set of airfoils bearing down on it.

With the engine in question, the aft fan was completely inclosed within
the cowling. Only the larger diameter overall gave it away compared to the
non-fan version on its predecessor.