Re: Flaps and aircraft climb performance

Date:         05 Nov 99 00:04:21 
From:         Larry Stone <>
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On 10/17/99 11:30 PM, JF Mezei ( said:
>I had been told that flaps allowed a wing to produce additional lift at
>slower speeds.  If that were the case, how come retrcating flaps would
>be a priority in a go-around situation (or in the case of Cali, trying
>to climb VERY quickly from a low-speed approach situation)  ?
>In a go around situation, what is wrong with keeping the flaps down,
>putting thrust to maximum and only retract flaps once the speed and
>altitude have started to rise ?

Short answer: a little bit of flaps adds lift and is what is used for
take-off; a lot of flap adds a lot more drag and is what is used for
landing. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to climb with flaps
fully extended.

Most light planes use no flaps for take-off.

-- Larry Stone