Re: Last Convair 990 Flight?

Date:         05 Nov 99 00:04:05 
From:         Tom Digby <>
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Scott Peterson <> wrote:
> The Los Angeles Times had an article this morning about a TV show
> wanting to crash a jet airliner into the Southern California Desert.
> There was a picture. If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll post
> it to one of the binary groups.

It was before my time, but people at one time staged train wrecks.  They
would lay track out into the middle of a field somewhere, charge admission
to watch, and crash two steam locomotives into each other head-on.  I
don't know if they loaded the trains with gunpowder and such, but they
might well have.  I don't know whether such events drew opposition from
train-lovers and whatever environmentalists existed back then.

          Tom Digby