Re: Fairchild-Dornier 328JET Selling Points

Date:         05 Nov 99 00:04:03 
Organization: Verio
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P. Wezeman <> typed:
>	When I first read about the 328JET in Aviation Week it seemed
>like something of a stop-gap, a minimal jet conversion of the 328
>turboprop that could be ready quickly until a purpose-built
>jetliner of that size, which would be faster and have greater fuel
>efficiency, was available.  Now I see that they are selling a lot
>of the planes. What do the customers like about them?

Here's a guess:  Perhaps one doesn't have to wait as long to take delivery
of a 328JET vs. a Canadair and Embraer.

Anyone know how much a 328JET costs to purchase/operate vs. Canadair and

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