Re: Business-only flights (was: UAL Viscounts?)

Date:         30 Oct 99 17:55:51 
From: (david avery)
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In message <airliners.1999.1121@ohare.Chicago.COM>, kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
>>Times certainly have changed in that respect but I'm interested to note
>>that the idea of first-class-only (well, actually business-class-only)
>>flights seems to have reappeared ... The solution
>>that was being mooted was business-class only flights, departing at
>>better times (and more frequently??), leaving the cheapskates (c'est
>>moi) not just in the back of the plane but actually still in the
>>departure lounge!
>The obvious example of this is Concorde.
>There have been a few examples of carriers which only offer a premium
>class of service, usually with dismal results.  MGM Grand Air comes to
>mind.  They operated F-only DC-8s on the JFK-LAX routes for a few years
>before giving up.  (They also had some 727s in a similar config, but I
>think they only flew charter work.)

MGM Grand started out with the 3 Viscount Air 727-100s. Those were configured
as all F class - 32 seats total - 4 compartments of 4 seats ( 2 facing 2),
2 compartments of 2 seats, and the rest (14 seats) were individual swivel
recliners. after a few years of success on the LAX-JFK scheduled service
plus sports team and concert tour charters, they got 3 DC-8s which were
3 cabin aircraft, front was individual swivel recliners, middle was sleepers,
and aft was 10 rows of 2x2 F class type seats. shortly after they started the
DC-8 service, desert storm started and airtravel dropped and put them out
of business. but much of the operation lives on a Champion Air

Dave Avery
United Airlines Simulator Support