Re: Business-only flights (was: UAL Viscounts?)

Date:         30 Oct 99 17:55:50 
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>United in
>those days even offered "men only" executive flights -- times have certainly

My father, Robert Burstein, was an attorney at the Bureau of Enforcement of
the Civil Aeuronautics Board from 1949 until his retirement in 1969.  Those
were the days when many civil servants, like my father, were top
Depression-era graduates who had gone to Washingotn because that's where the
best jobs were.  My father firmly believed that the Civil Aeronautics Act
required that airlines not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, etc., etc.
 I vividly recall his coming home one evening in the early 1960's with a
story about a very irate woman who stopped by his office that day to complain
about UA's "men only" flight from Chicago to Wasington.  He called some
people at UA who told him that there was another flight at the same time that
the woman could have flown on, but it turned out that the "alternative"
flight was a DC-6 while the men-only flight was an all first class Viscount.
While I don't know the precise communications which were used, I do remember
that my father felt that this was discrimination against women which was
prohibitted by the Civil Aeronautics Act, and after a few phone calls, UA
dropped the all-male flights.

Alan Burstein