Strange 707 at Burbank

Date:         30 Oct 99 17:55:41 
From:         Stuart Feigin <>
Organization: Oracle Corporation. Redwood Shores, CA
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I saw a very strange looking 707 yesterday at the
Burbank airport.  I glanced out the window and saw
a 707 with enormous winglets taxi by.  Not the
little fences like on an A320, but 6 or 7 foot
tall winglets like on a 747-400.  The fuselage
lettering said something like "Stage III 707" and
the was an emblem with the letters "SI" on the
tail.  The engines were the old pure turbojet
type, not the later turbo fans.

Anyone know what I saw, and why it was built?  I
can't imagine there is much economic value left in
ancient 707s.
Stuart Feigin

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