Re: 747 EUD CG change. Stab change?

Date:         01 Feb 99 02:37:16 
From:         Hugh Dickson <>
Organization: CCCC
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MCL757 wrote:
> Someone asked me if Boeing enlarged the horizontal stab on the 747 when they
> extended the upper deck to compensate for the CG change.  I don't think the
> stab was changed.  I figure that considering the high weight of all the fuel
> that could be in different places affecting the CG that the extra weight of the
> extended upper deck really is relatively small.  Does anyone know?  Was there
> any stab change or did they recalibrate the trim's zero setting?

Aloha,    I don't think the stab. was changed in the -300 but it was
changed in the -400.  My "friendly" carrier did not operate the -300
but apparently was the only company to attain the -400 BACo fuel
guaranty.  The press at the time reported that the reason for this was
that UAL had better SW due to company B-767 experience.

When I pumped fuel for UAL they never told me what the CG was.
The computer told me how many pounds to put in each tank.

Regards,    Hugh