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Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:53 
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>> Reduces the risk of fire.   RPT aircraft have been lost due to tyres
>> overheating and catching fire in the wheel wells shortly after take
>> off.  A swiss air DC-9 crash in the sixties comes to mind.

>I could be mistaken but I think it was a Swissair Caravelle. Anyone got the
>definite answer?

It sounds like SR 306, a Caravelle III (registration HB-ICV) which
crashed on 4 September 1963 shortly after departing ZRH on a ZRH-GVA-FCO
flight.  The Zurich airport was closed due to fog, but the captain taxied
the aircraft up and down the runway with the engines at high power (with
the brakes holding it back) to clear the fog somewhat using jet blast.
Unfortunately, this procedure also overheated the brakes leading to
damage on the port main landing gear which started a fire.

The first volume of Macarthur Job's excellent Air Disaster series has a
chapter on this accident.

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