thrust lever question

Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:49 
From:         "Robert Wright" <>
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    I have a question about how power is set in various manufacturers'
airplanes, specifically reverse.  I know that in Boeing airliners, the
thrust lever is pushed forward to increase power, and pulled back to
decrease.  There are separate levers on the thrust levers that are moved to
deploy the reversers, and then the thrust lever is pushed forward again to
advance power.

    Is this how it is done on Douglas and Airbus airplanes, or do they use a
different scheme?  Does anyone know about the L-1011?  Also, I know that in
the past, before FADEC, it was possible to overboost the engines by pushing
the thrust levers all the way to the forward stop, rather than setting a
specific EPR or N1.  Is this still possible on any type of airliner?  Is the
rear stop idle, or cutoff?

    Thanks for any information.

Robert S. Wright

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