Business-only flights (was: UAL Viscounts?)

Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:42 
From:         Henry Law <>
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In article <airliners.1999.1090@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Philip J. Kuhl <> writes
>the Caravelle which United was also operating at the time.  The Caravelle
>was equipped with all first class seating (no coach) and thus was employed
>more on routes carrying a high percentage of business travellers.  United in
>those days even offered "men only" executive flights -- times have certainly

Times certainly have changed in that respect but I'm interested to note
that the idea of first-class-only (well, actually business-class-only)
flights seems to have reappeared.  The article I read quoted research
that suggested that business people were tired of paying n times more
than the people towards the back of the plane for things that weren't in
the end getting them to their destination any quicker.  The solution
that was being mooted was business-class only flights, departing at
better times (and more frequently??), leaving the cheapskates (c'est
moi) not just in the back of the plane but actually still in the
departure lounge!

Anyone with industry knowledge care to comment on this idea?   I know
nothing but I'd be surprised to find that there really was a business
case (doh!) for this kind of thing, bearing in mind the higher cost of
running the smaller planes that would operate a service like that.

Henry Law             <><
Manchester, England