Re: UAL Viscounts?

Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:40 
From:         "Phillip Byrd" <>
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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In 1963 I flew a United Viscount from Memphis to Philadelphia, with
stops in Nashville, Knoxville, and Washington National.  It was my first
ever flight on an airplane with four engines.  As a 14 year-old, I
thought it was pretty neat, especially with all the stops along the way.

I was in college in Denver in the late 1960's and remember seeing two
white DC-6's parked at Stapleton and operating which were used by United
for pilot training.  And I remember seeing those DC-6's in United livery
making the Elko and Ely runs.

There were no scheduled flights into Stapleton using the Caravelle, as
the plane wasn't suitable for high altitude fields.  But once in a while
there would be a Caravelle on the ground for training, and occasionally
an equipment change in Chicago or Detroit would put a flight into Denver
on a Caravelle.

Once my girlfriend was returning to Denver from Detroit, and lucked into
a flight on a Caravelle.  I was very dissappointed that she was
completely unimpressed with her good fortune.  I just got to see it on
the ground.  She got to fly in that marvelous machine and she didn't
even notice!

I often wonder where those Viscounts and Caravelles are today.