Re: All-Cargo aircraft's lack of fire suppression systems!

Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:33 
From:         "Angus Doss" <asystole@Rutgers.EDU>
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> True.  The fire originated on the main cargo deck, towards the aft end of
>the aircraft.  After landing safely, the emergency crew could not figure out
>how to enter the aircraft with all the containers in the way.  For some reason
>they did not know to cut a hole in the fuselage.  When they were informed that
>this flight carried hazardous material, they exited the aircraft and waited for
>haz team.  After 45 minutes, the fire burned through the fuselage and the tail
>section broke off. The hazardous material turned out to be contaminated blood products

Where was the shipping manifest to present to the fire crew?

Did they land at an airport with CRFF equipment or a non-rated facility?

Bill Doss