Re: Windshield blow out

Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:32 
From: (Katie Schwarz)
Organization: University of California at Berkeley
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David G. Davidson <> wrote:
>Does anyone have any information on the BA BAC1-11 that had the captain's
>windshield blow out? I'd really like to see an accident report.

There's a chapter on this in _Beyond Aviation Human Factors_ by Daniel
E. Maurino, James Reason, Neil Johnston, and Rob B. Lee.  (I have no
idea how easy to find this book might be; I read it in the university
engineering library.)  It happened on June 10, 1990, at 17,300 feet.
The captain was sucked halfway out of the plane, was caught by the
cabin crew, and remained there until the copilot had landed the plane;
he suffered broken bones and frostbite.  Just before the flight, the
windscreen had been replaced and secured with the wrong size bolts.
The chapter goes into great detail on exactly what happened the night
before, all the steps that the maintenance manager went through that
led him to use the wrong bolts while following what seemed to him to
be conscientious procedures.

Katie Schwarz
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