Last Convair 990 Flight?

Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:24 
From:         Scott Peterson <>
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The Los Angeles Times had an article this morning about a TV show
wanting to crash a jet airliner into the Southern California Desert.
There was a picture. If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll post
it to one of the binary groups.

The show, which will be called "Jumbo Jet Crash: The Ultimate Safety
Test" wants to crash a Convair 990 into a dry lake in San Bernardino
County in California.  The show would be televised during ratings
sweeps. The county fire department is designing a training exercise
around this. The produces tried to give the show an air of legitimacy
by involving NASA, but they declined. The FAA is cooperating with

The plane, which has not flown since 1983 would be loaded with
explosives and pyrotechnic equipment and flown from Mojave airport to
Dale Lake, a dry lake bed in So. Calif. The plane would be flown by a
crew of three until about five miles from the impact site. They would
then parachute from the plane and it would be guided to the target by
remote control.

Environmentallists are upset at the idea since the explosion could
destroy government protected tortoises and rare plants in the area.

Airpower Aviation of West Los Angeles is the firm that applied to the
FAA for approval. They recently bought the 990 for $150,000. Under
their application the plane would take off from Mojave Airport at
5:00PM on November 4 for the half hour flight to the crash site.

                         		Scott Peterson

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