Re: A310 (ex Boeing naming convention for 777)

Date:         17 Oct 99 23:29:23 
From: (Matthias Klaus)
Organization: Customer of UUNET Deutschland GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
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In article <airliners.1999.1059@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Benoit"  <> wrote:
> If I well-remenber the first batch of AFR A310-200 was a 3 crew
> cockpit. It was a special request due to unionist problem.

up to the S/N in the 350's the A310 always was built with 3-crew
cockpit. The entry point for the so-called "Porsche" 2 crew Cockpit, was
somewhere around 350.

> I think some of them are stocked in Chateauroux and it is impossible
> to sell them due to this specification. I will try to find you the
> proof

The only aircraft in Air France or even in Air Inter Colors, which I saw
in Chateauroux in last June, were A300B2/4 aircraft, which are, AFAIK,
waiting to be converted to freighters.


Hamburg, Germany