Re: Boeing Service Bulletin 747-25-3187

Date:         05 Oct 99 03:14:52 
From:         Ernie Fidgeon <>
Organization: MBnet Networking Inc.
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BAP wrote:
> I have a need for a copy of Boeing Service Bulletin 747-25-3187, which
> concerns modifications to the galley elevator between the main deck and
> upper deck of 747-400s.  I was not able to locate a database of Service
> Bulletins on Boeing's web site.
> Can anyone provide me with a copy, or inform me as to how I might obtain a
> copy, of this Service Bulletin?

You could try Boeing Customer support directly.  However, if you are a 3rd
party, perhaps one of your customers can supply it to you.  There are
copyright and usage limitations.


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