Re: CV-990 Aft Fan

Date:         05 Oct 99 03:14:38 
From:         westin* (Stephen H. Westin)
Organization: Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics
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  or MIME structure (Jeff Taylor) writes:
> I would like information or possibly some pictures of the CV990 Aft
> Fan Engine. This would be the General Electric CJ805-23. I have read
> that it was a civlian J-79 from the F4 Phantom and other Military
> Aircraft.

I understand that the GE engines for both the 880 (pure jet) and the
990 (fan) were based on the J-79 core. The Dassault-Brequet Falcon
came with smaller GE aft-fan engines at one point or another, dubbed
the "Fanjet Falcon" for a while.

-Stephen H. Westin
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