Re: Boeing historian?

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:58 
From:         John Wright <>
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On 17 Sep 99 10:52:40 , in <airliners.1999.1036@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Karl
Swartz wrote:

>>The 717 was originally the McDonnel Douglas MD95, a low cost, 100 seat MD80
>>family member, renamed by Boeing as the 717.
>The 717-200 to be precise.  Given the context, the original question
>probably refers to the 707-100, which was Boeing's designation for what
>is more widely known as the KC-135.

You mean the 717-100 surely?

[Moderator's note:  Yes, the 717-100 is the KC-135.  Karl]

John Wright