Re: A330-100?

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:48 
From:         H Andrew Chuang <>
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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K Quek wrote:
> >-The A330-100 would be able to carry standard LD3 containers
> > something a B767 cannot do (LD2)
> >-Would this allow the elimination of the A310 / A300 from
> > airbus production programm?
> Given that the B767 is now in use all over the world, surely the question of
> LD2 or LD3 containers will not be uppermost in the minds of airlines when it
> comes to selecting between the B767 and Airbus types.

While many airlines (especially those in the Far East) chose the
A300/310 because of the cargo advantage that the A300/310 has over
the B767, KLM actually chose the B767 to replace the A310 because
they felt they didn't need the extra cargo capacity the A310
planes offered.

> And while the A330-100
> might replace the A300-600R and A310-300, there are some customers, notably
> Singapore Airlines, which are looking for more cost effective replacements
> for their A310s (although in the case of SIngapore Airlines, who knows what
> is going on - the 777s were supposed to have won the A310 replacement
> competition)

Singapore's B777 order did take place after SQ was searching for
an A310 replacement.  However, the B777 order was not an A310
replacement.  Singapore is still actively looking for an A310
replacement.  The A330-100 will definitely not economical enough
for SQ's usage.