Re: A330-100?

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:47 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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At 10:52 AM 9/17/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Karl Swartz wrote:
>> >-Would the shrink involve a reduction in sheet metal guage?
>> > The 747SP certainly did.  Look at the ugly tail that produced?
>> I've never heard of the 747SP having reduced-gauge sheet metal, though
>> that may have been done on a localized basis.
>I would be EXTREMELY surprized to find that the SP had thinner sheet
>metal.  After all, it is subject to the same pressure differentials and
>cycle fatigue processes as a "normal" 747, and thinner sheet metal would
>not allow for that.

Problem is probably worse than that actually. The hallmark of the 747SP
is very low operating weight at the end utlra long haul cruise, which
often got them up higher than their full size relatives at end of cruise
on extreme long haul operation. It wasn't hard for an SP get past 40,000
feet in those conditions, the QF aircraft on the LAX-SYD runs often did.

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