L1011 engine No 2

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:46 
From:         "Lee Tze Yen, Bob" <bunnylee@pacific.net.sg>
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Don't know if this has been discussed before... if it has... please e-mail
me privately regarding the source of information.....

I am building a model of N31029 (the only L1011 painted in the new TWA
colours), and I noticed from my photo references that there is a small root
fairing just below the bottom No 2 engine nacelle lip.

I searched through all available photo references on the web, and I noticed
that some L1011s have this root fairing, while some do not, and it's not
according to some specific aircraft type pattern.

Can someone enlighten me as to which L1011s were fitted with them, and
which were not, and why???

Best regards

Lee Tze Yen, Bob