Canadair RJ Max X-Wind Component?

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:45 
From:         "Craig Beaty" <>
Organization: Craig Beaty Flight Training - Tulsa
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Anyone know what the maximum demonstrated crosswind component is for the
Canadair RJ (forget the model name)?  I've got a friend who says it's only
like 5 knots.  Absurd!  Got to be more like 15-25, or they would be foolish
to make a jet like that.  The RJ is based on the Challenger, pretty much,
but you would think they would beef up the gear because of the longer
fuselage and thus larger side loading moments induced during wind crab
crosswind landings.  I've got lunch or something riding on this so anyone
who knows about the Canadair RJ please help.

I could look it up in Jane's but I'll try here first.  Thanx.

Craig Beaty
Tulsa, OK