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Date:         01 Feb 99 02:37:08 
From: (Ralf Sipple)
Organization: Sipple Aviation & Engineering
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> are released!  One thing the captain mentioned was that they were
> going to recycle the landing gear after take-off. I was wondering why
> this is done when taking off in snowy condition?

>From the ATR FCOM:
If contaminant layere is significant enough to possibly accumulate
in the brake area during ground operation, brake discs may join due
to icing during the flight, leading to possible tyre damages at sub-
sequent landing. [..]

Before Landing:
If take-off has been performed on a slush contaminated runway, this
slush may seize the brakes during cruise. To prevent tire damage at
touchdown: in final approach, after selection of GEAR DOWN, select
anti-skid OFF, then pump brakes at least 5 times an then reselect
anti-skid ON.

By recycling the gear after T/O you get rid of some of the slush
adhering to the brake assy and prevent freezing thus eliminate
the cause for brakes seizeing up in the forehand.

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