Re: QF Flight Engineers Dying?

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:37 
Organization: OzEmail Ltd, Australia
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One of the problems with this sort of epidemiological research is the
extremely slow rate of growth of some brain tumours. While 30 years is
probably outside the range of most tumours, 10 years of growth certainly
isn't unheard of.
The CSIRO in association with Telstra did some research right here in Oz
which did show a digital mobile phone/cancer link. The "targets" were
cancer-susceptible mice, so the relevance to humans still has to be
proven. Release of the results was masterfully managed by a PR firm to
create the minimum impact (the results were NOT what was expected by
Telstra, as you can imagine). Comment by people more knowledgable than
myself suggested that some characteristic of the pulsing of digital
phones was more likely the culprit than the actual level of radiation.
I'm sure there are other risks of being an FE that exceed the risk from