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Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:35 
From: (Paul Saccani)
Organization: Omen Internet in Perth, Western Australia
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On 16 Sep 99 16:42:37 , "Dr.Deepthi  Attygalle" <>

>can someone tell me why aircraft tires are filled with nitrogen, instead
>of air ?

Reduces the risk of fire.   RPT aircraft have been lost due to tyres
overheating and catching fire in the wheel wells shortly after take
off.  A swiss air DC-9 crash in the sixties comes to mind.

AFAIK, this has never happened with a N2 filled tyre.

If the tyre is smouldering or whatever, and bursts, air will rush past
it at high velocity, increasing the fire, whilst N2 will tend to put
it out.

Fusible pressure plugs are also used to safely vent tyres if
overheating, usually incorporating an overpressure burst disc for
overpressure protection as well.
Paul Saccani
Perth, Western Australia.