Re: Mysterious Boeing Panel

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:28 
From:         "Michael & Ngaree Besse" <>
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Jonathan Fox <> wrote:
> Robert Brand wrote:
> > Most likely the Oxygen service door.  Inside is you can service the Crew and
> > Pax O2 also gages that show the pressure of the 2 systems.
> I don't think that anyone uses the oxy service panel.  It is deactivated most
> a/c and when a bottle is low it is either replaced or removed serviced and
> reinstalled.  The reason is that filling oxygen bottle carries a risk of
> explosion and or fire and you don't want that to happen on the a/c.

The external Oxy service panel is an option on most Boeing a/c. On earlier
models (before 1980) this included crew & pax oxy, but as all newer a/c use
oxy generators for the pax oxy the panel is now only for crew oxy. I can
tell you that a lot of airlines (including QANTAS) do use this system for
filling the crew oxy bottle. As someone who is often required to fill up
crew Oxy bottles, I  can assure you that it is a lot easier to top up using
the external charging panel, then it is to remove, refill, & replace a
bottle. The risk of explosion is very small given that only persons given
the appropriate training, and using the correct procedure carry out this

Michael Besse