Re: External inspection

Date:         01 Feb 99 02:37:06 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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Jeff Meeker wrote:
> >If controlled by airspeed, the above poster has a pretty damm good point: how
> >come they would have been able to do the take off roll if their airspeed
> >indicators were inop ?
> It wouldn't appear to be inop.  If the static  pressure trapped inside
> the system was the same as the current outside static pressure,
> everything would appear normal.  You would only notice an invalid
> reading when the static pressure changes from what is trapped inside
> the system.

I do not understand. If the static pressure trapped inside the system
were enough to show a V1 speed on the pilot's gauges, shouldn't pilots
have noticed that the gauges were reading V1 while the plane was iddle?
If looking at the needle move until it reaches V1 is partof the
responsabilities of one of the 2 pilots, shouldn't that pilot not have
noticed that the needle was not moving?