Re: 737-400 Vortex generators

Date:         03 Oct 99 17:38:24 
From: (Katie Schwarz)
Organization: University of California at Berkeley
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Ernie Fidgeon  <> wrote:
>My understanding is that the generator causes the local flow to rotate
>downwards onto the wing in the areas where separation starts from the
>airfoil.  This downward flow delays or prevents separation and improves lift

Speaking of vortex generators, I noticed during a couple of 737 rides
recently that they were slightly different on different planes.  One
plane had more of them, in a more complex pattern, than the other.  Is
this a difference between different models of 737?  Or are the vortex
generators an after-market addition to the wing?  When did vortex
generators first become common on airliners?

Katie Schwarz
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