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Date:         17 Sep 99 10:52:39 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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At 04:42 PM 9/16/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Can someone tell me briefly about,
>or direct me to a definitive site or book
>concerning, Boeing jets regarding
>historical evolution and interrelation of
>707, 717, 720, and KC-135?

The DASH 80 is the prototype, and emerged largely unchanged as the KC135.
To compete carriers wanted 3 x 3 seatings,
which forced Boeing to increase the fuselage diameter. The 707-137 is
essentially the Dash 80/KC135 with the wider fuselage.
The 138 was a special build for QANTAS, about 3 meters shorter to reduce
weight and improve operating margins at some
pacific Island locations. The willingness of Boeing to do so is what caused
QANTAS to order Boeing instead of Comet, and was the last straw
in the relationship with empire Airlines/BOAC. The US domestic carriers
wanted a lower cost, lighter weight version of the 707 for
domestic use, which lead to the 707-120, which simply became known as the
720. The original 707 was actually marginal for many
routes, and the carriers asked for a larger, longer range version. The
aircraft underwent substantial modifications, and a large increase in
weight to produce the 707-300 and 707-400 series (300's have P&W engines,
400's have RR engines).

The 717 was originally the McDonnel Douglas MD95, a low cost, 100 seat MD80
family member, renamed by Boeing as the 717.

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