Re: Constellations at Oxnard?

Date:         17 Sep 99 10:52:36 
From: (Herb Feldman)
Organization: The Los Angeles Free-Net
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Merlin Dorfman wrote:
>      Driving through Oxnard, Calif., a couple of weeks ago, I
> noticed several old aircraft at an airport west of Highway 101.
> There were a couple of Lockheed Constellations and what seemed
> to be a C-46, among others.
>      There is nothing in my tour book about an air museum at the
> Oxnard airport.  Does anybody know about these aircraft?  Who owns
> them?  Are they flyable?  Are they ever open for public viewing?

The airport is Camarillo vice Oxnard airport.  Both planes fly from time
to time.  The C-46, as well as a number of other war birds,  are owned
by the local chapter of the Confederate Air Force. Their hanger is about
midfield, and you can check there for a tour.  The Constellation is
owned by a private group located at the east end of the field, and you
can check with them for a tour.

Camarillo Airport has an annual open house, typically in early summer,
and both planes are usually open for a tour at that time.