Re: 2 vs 4 engines: R&D costs too much ?

Date:         17 Sep 99 10:52:35 
From:         Terry Schell <>
Organization: Florida State University
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Geoff Jones wrote:
> JF Mezei wrote in message ...
> >A recent post mentioned the R&D mega expenditures required to produce
> >the engine for the next 777 which is a big reason only one manufacturer
> >will build one.
> The big reason for this, as far as I understand, is purely political.
> The big three manufacturers had all developed engines which were
> suitable, but for some reason, Boeing decided to sign an exclusive
> agreement with the manufacturer of the worst and most expensive of the
> three.

Wow! Where did you hear this?  Which RR or P&W engines have been
developed for this thrust class?  What are the political advantages you
are alluding to?

If you cannot answer these questions, I think you comments rate as
uninformed rumor and innuendo.