Re: External inspection

Date:         01 Feb 99 02:37:05 
From:         Keith Barr <>
Organization: AeroSys Engineering, Inc.
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> Once we entered the runway, they locked the wheels and reved up the
> engines. I can understand why they rev up the engines so the crew is
> sure we have proper power for take-off. What a rush once the brakes
> are released!  One thing the captain mentioned was that they were
> going to recycle the landing gear after take-off. I was wondering why
> this is done when taking off in snowy condition?

The gear is cycled a few times to help dislodge any slush that may have
been thrown into the gear linkages during takeoff, since the slush could
freeze during flight, and prevent (if there were enough of it) the gear
from coming back down normally.
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