Re: QF Flight Engineers Dying?

Date:         16 Sep 99 16:42:46 
From:         "robert wright" <>
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>It has arisen that 13 flight engineers flying for QF have died in the last
>six years of brain tumours. Another unspecified amount have had cancerous
>tumours removed by the various medical means available.

>Forward Facing flight
>crews are not experiencing the same rate of death due to brain cancers
>leading to circumstantial evidence suggesting that being a flight engineer
>can indeed be a health hazard.

    Don't most FE's eventually  become first officers and captains, the
"forward facing flight crew" who are not experiencing problems?  It seems
like these forward-facing guys would have been flight engineers at some
point, and should have experienced the same exposure the current FE's are
getting, unless those panels deteriorate in a very unusual manner.

    Does QF perhaps use professional flight engineers who are not in line
for a captaincy?  This would explain why any position-related problem was
localized to a single type of crew member.