Re: QF Flight Engineers Dying?

Date:         16 Sep 99 16:42:43 
From:         "Philip J. Kuhl" <>
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I am not a medical doctor so offer no medical opinion.  But the Boeing 747
has been flying for 30 years --with flight engineers-- and one would think
if there were truly a health risk associated with electromagnetic fields
(EMFs) that there would be more evidence of this, and certainly something
that is not limited to Qantas Airways.  Similar fields also exist and have
for many many decades with other aircraft, and far stronger ones exist on
electrified railways, and for homes near major power transmission lines
around the world -- yet there appears to be no outbreak of maladies
associated with people routinely exposed to them.

The governments of both the UK and the USA has failed to establish any link
between EMF exposure and illness -- this in response to periodic public
concerns about the use of cellular/cordless telephones, electric shavers,
fluorescent lights, power lines, computer monitors, etc.  The governmental
research notes that there is considerably less EMF generated by direct
current appliances than by alternating current.  I would suspect --but do
not know-- that most avionics would be powered by direct current.

Philip J. Kuhl
Arlington 4, Virginia