Re: Airline decisions on aircraft purchases

Date:         16 Sep 99 16:42:42 
From:         "Gary Watson" <>
Organization: @Home Network Canada
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First, did you have someone of authority at the airline tell you directly
that  Singapore did not like their 340s?
If not then everything else is pure speculation. reading about it in anNG or
magazine is not the gospel, just someone's opinion.
When the 340 was first introduced there was a great deal of BS about its
cruise speed. the crew I flew with at air Canada were crossing the N Pacific
in the .83area - not as fast as the 747 but certainly faster than the
..78-.79 that was being thrown around by so-called experts in the media.

For the second part. The manufacturers provide the potential customer with
complete data analysis using their product on the routes proposed by the
airline. Also many airline representatives will usually spend considerable
time at the factory and with all the various departments - i.e. product
support, engineering, performance. training etc. prior to anyone signing on
the dotted line. this is a lengthy process taking some times 12 months prior
to a decision to purchase.

Gary Watson
"In the Land of the Blind, one eye is King"
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