Re: Airline decisions on aircraft purchases

Date:         16 Sep 99 16:42:40 
From: (Poseidon Diver)
Organization: Primary Network
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Some data is basically "promised". Those book numbers are of course
verified, but since there are so many factors...  (Mach/ alt/ config/
temp... just to name a few)

And then who can really calculate the true optimum for an airplane ?
It would take forever. And then you always have to adapt to the
possible ifs and whens and the other "unkunks"
Even Boeing and Airbus don`t know exactly how their airplanes will
perform until they flight test them.

But, you are right. with the onset of computer technology the
dissemination of information gets better and better, and newer
performance software packages make this these tasks a lot easier for
us engineers.

And yes. the prospective airline customer gets a lot more information
than you will get on the web. They then throw that information to
thier performance engineers in research and development or flight ops
engineering, and the marketing guys have dinner with the salespersons.
Fleet managers, crew trainers and a lot of other persons put in their
opinion, and hopefully an educated guess will establish the best