Re: Airline decisions on aircraft purchases

Date:         16 Sep 99 16:42:39 
From:         Art & Janet <>
Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services
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JF Mezei wrote:
> So my question is:
> Considering the information that is publicly available on the net from
> both manufacturers, how much more performance/technical information do
> airlines get when they consider a purchase ?

Lots of stuff, such as custom performance runs tailored to the airline's
flight profiles, airports, routes, etc

> Doe airlines get to calculate real numbers on performance/costs, or do
> they just get "ballpark" numbers from the manufacturer (ex: " our
> aircraft costs 1.2% less to operate than our competitor") and beleive
> those numbers ?

As real as the computers can simulate (and often backed up by contractual

> Also, in the Singapore example, if the 340s did not perform as
> advertised, wouldn't Singapore get financially compensated for this ?

If they are smart about the contract they sign, they will

> Wouldn't such compensation make the accountants happy with the financial
> performance of the aircraft ?

Its not clear what makes an accountant happy

-- Art & Janet
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