Re: Landing the 747 on autopilot

Date:         28 Jun 98 18:47:33 
From: (Robert Dorsett)
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In article <airliners.1998.985@ohare.Chicago.COM> Prashanth Kuchibhotla <> writes:
>I was grazing the channels last night and came across the last 1/2 hour
>of a truly awful Hollywood formula terror-in-the-skies movie. The only
>reasons I stayed were the B747 and Lauren Holly (in that order). The
>ending showed the B747 completely landing itself hands-off after Ms.
>Holly programs in the runway and airport codes into the computer.
>Brakes. Thrust reversers. The works. All hands-off.

The 747 has long had an "autoland" capability.  Most airliners made
since the 1960s have also had autobrakes.  In addition, ground spoilers
can be set to automatically deploy upon touchdown.  Thrust reversers
are still commanded by the pilots on all types of airplanes. There
may also be limits as to directional control on the rollout.

You may wish to read the book "Flying the Big Jets" by Stanley Stewart.
It is a good introduction to the various sorts of technology, from an
operational perspective.

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