Re: FAA issues Emergency AD for recent 737s

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:44 
From: (Niels Sampath)
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In article <> "Eric Olesen" writes:
>Karl Swartz wrote in message ...
>>Investigators discovered that the right horizontal stabilizer may have
>>separated from the SilkAir aircraft prior to impact, and that two rows
>>of fasteners (26 in all) were missing from the leading edge of the right
>>horizontal stabilizer.  The fasteners may never have been installed.  In
>>addition, a hinge bolt from the right elevator was missing.
>If this is on the leading edge, just how visible is it that the fasteners
>were missing???  Is this something that the airline should have noticed
>during pre-delivery acceptance inpections?  Obviously, this should have been
>picked up on by Boeing, but...

	There is a possible precedent for this scenario.  Last year
a Transavia 737-300  almost lost a stab. i.e. it came losse and caused
severe vibration/porpoising. The plane just made it into Nuremburg in
Germany after declaring an emergency. There was some consternation between
Transavia and TAP  who had recently done maintainence.


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