Re: A 777 with four engines.

Date:         26 Jun 98 02:37:49 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1998.938@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:
>The A330/340 wing accomplishes this but
>has some serious compromises as a result, which is why the A340-500/600
>will have a new or mostly new wing.

I made the same statement before and was corrected by someone in the
industry that the wing on the A340-500/600 is not a new one, it's only
an "insert".  IIRC, the new A340-500/600 will still have a nominal
cruise Mach number of 0.82, same as the original A340.