Re: FAA issues Emergency AD for recent 737s

Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:43 
From:         "elysium" <>
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Eric Olesen wrote in message ...
>Karl Swartz wrote in message ...
>>Investigators discovered that the right horizontal stabilizer may have
>>separated from the SilkAir aircraft prior to impact, and that two rows
>>of fasteners (26 in all) were missing from the leading edge of the right
>>horizontal stabilizer.  The fasteners may never have been installed.  In
>>addition, a hinge bolt from the right elevator was missing.
>If this is on the leading edge, just how visible is it that the fasteners
>were missing???  Is this something that the airline should have noticed
>during pre-delivery acceptance inpections?  Obviously, this should have been
>picked up on by Boeing, but...

Even if they were there but 'working' (sic) or insecure, there is no
doubt this should have been picked up during "A" inspection scheduled
maintenance or other preventative inspection sequences.

Does anybody know which sub-contractor produces the horizontal- stab'
sub-assemblies, bearing in mind that they are still subject to an
acceptance check by Boeing Quality ?

Is it confirmed that the hinge bolt was missing ? Usually, failsafe
design will accomodate the omission of one attachment path, but for the
media to speculate on both missing fasteners AND an attachment bolt
seems like wild rubbernecking.  I have not seen the FAA emergency A.D.
and am not sure wether they emphasise control attachment or skin

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